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The Oliver Law Group
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Why Work with a Law Firm?

Professionally Accountable - As licensed members of State Bar Associations, our attorneys must adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards, always focused on the client’s best interests. We base our client relationships on fiduciary duty, trust, and mutual respect.

Peace of Mind - Our Firm serves as your strategic advisor, advocate, negotiator and legal representative. It’s unusual for creditors to sue, but if one or all of a client's creditors were to sue, we will defend our client in court at no additional fee for that representation.  Clients are responsible for costs associated with litigation (e.g., court filing fees and court reporter fees).

Creditors’ Sole Contact - Once we notify creditors that we represent a client, they are compelled by federal law to deal only with us. We track any creditor violations of laws such as the Fair Credit Protection Act, since such violations can play a significant role in negotiations with creditors.

The Oliver Law Group