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The Oliver Law Group
The Oliver Law Group
Bert R. Oliver, Esq.
Luke G. Sherlock III, Esq.
CA: C.Keila Nakasaka, Esq.
D.C.: Brad Winder, Esq.
IL: Brad Pawlowski, Esq.
LA: Dean J. Guidry
MD,PA,D.C.: Matthew “Ed” Shprukhman, Esq.
MN: John A. Hatling, Esq.
MO: Tim  Denker, Esq.
NH: Linda  Argenti, Esq.
OK: Stephanie A. Younge, Esq.
NM, OR, TX: Gary Boyle
TX: Andrew Nichols, Esq.
HI, CA, RI: Stephanie Gruenert
LA: Dean Guidry
IA, MN, ND: J. D.  Haas
WA: Steve Dashiak, Esq.
VA, SC: Todd Knode
IL, WI: Brad Pawlowski
FL: Luke Sherlock
MD, DC, NJ: M. E.  Shprukhman
MA, NH: Linda Argenti
MI: Samuel Gunn
WA: Stephen Dashiak
MO: Tim Denker
NY: Brian Parker
OH, KY: Robert Hoskins
John A. Hatling, Esq.

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Minnesota Co-Counsel

John A. Hatling, is Co-Counsel to The Oliver Law Group, P.A., on bankruptcy matters undertaken by the Firm in Minnesota. 


Mr. Hatling is a graduate of the University of North Dakota School of Law, with Honors, and has over 20 years of experience as an attorney.  He was admitted to The Minnesota Bar in 1985.  Mr. Hatling’s experience includes commercial and civil litigation prosecution, defense and negotiation of secured and unsecured debt.


The Oliver Law Group