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The Oliver Law Group
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What we do –

We strengthen your position with creditors to obtain debt forgiveness representing your interests at every step. We negotiate on your behalf and handle all creditor communications. From the moment you become a client, you gain an important benefit – a legal “safety net,” knowing we will represent you in court at no additional fee if need be.

To determine if we can be of service, our attorneys evaluate your situation at no cost and give you a candid assessment of your options. If your interests are best served by a bankruptcy filing, we will recommend that solution and be pleased to represent you in that regard. If you do not qualify for debt forgiveness, we will tell you too. Those who do qualify and we represent are charged a fair, flat fee (that includes all costs), determined up front. 

How We Work - 

Building Strength:
 We evaluate your debt obligations and work with you step-by-step in accordance with a personalized plan to obtain debt forgiveness.

Each account is handled by an attorney, a legal assistant, client communications specialist and a Senior Negotiator. Bi-weekly account reviews keep you updated and on track.

Local Knowledge / Local Insight:
Our attorneys and a select group of Co-Counsel in various states have thorough knowledge of the laws and rulings regulating credit in their specific jurisdictions -- an important advantage in negotiations.

Negotiating Solutions:
We negotiate directly with your creditors and present them with opportunities to forgive debt – starting, in some cases, as soon as you engage our firm. More typically, however, the first meaningful negotiation will occur 5 to 10 months after you engage us. The fact that we may be negotiating with a given creditor on behalf of dozens or more of our clients at the same time gives you and those similarly situated additional leverage and negotiating power.


The Oliver Law Group