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Why This Firm Believes in Debt Forgiveness –

The Oliver Law Firm, P.A. launched its “Debt Forgiveness” Department to level the playing field between consumers and creditors.

Since 2007, a long-term process of “recalibrating” values of all sorts of assets has been underway worldwide. Real estate values are the most vivid example of assets being re-valued. Credit card and other unsecured debts are also assets – assets owned by creditors that should also be recalibrated in appropriate circumstances. Banks are at a distinct advantage over the consumer in recalibrating these asset values – an unfair fight.

Governments and corporations are engaging in the process of recalibrating assets. When banking institutions cried “hardship,” others, particularly the federal government, made accommodations -- sometimes in the form of “bailouts.” In our view, the ongoing recalibration of values was, and is, absolutely necessary and appropriate.

However, it is now necessary and appropriate for banks to similarly accommodate their customers at a time of financial stress and hardship. Those who seek to responsibly deal with their debt are just as entitled to aggressive, experienced advocacy as are creditors. Our Firm established its Debt Forgiveness Department to bring that level of advocacy within reach.

For consumers who want to deal responsibly with debt, it seems banks and credit card companies always have the advantage. The Oliver Law Group, P.A. levels the playing field as your experienced intermediary and advocate.

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